Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Sewing Lessons

Sewing Lessons 

Introducing techniques based, individualised sewing lessons.

For complete beginners to intermediates who would like to improve on their current skill set.
I can teach you a range of skills and how they can be applied in a range of different projects. I can guide you at your pace and give you a selection of techniques that you can use to achieve the results that suit you.

Contact me to arrange lessons at a time that suits you and cover skills you would like to learn.


Price and Location

$35 per hour (Recommend at least 2 hours at a time)
$100 for 3 hours
Held at my home studio in Bundall on the Gold Coast.
Contact me via social media or email bycatdesign72@gmail.com to organise a time or ask further questions.

Suggested Lesson Topics

Introduction to sewing and sewing machine basics
Basic tools and notions
Fabric selection and preparation
Getting to know your machine (stitches, feet, attachments)
Understanding commercial patterns
Pattern modification
Working with downloadable pdf patterns
Garment construction basics, collars, cuffs, curved seams, fastenings, pockets, waistbands, gathering, pleating, facings, hems and more.
Introduction to working with knit fabric (with and without an overlocker)
Basics of mending and alterations
Do you have a project you are stuck on and need some assistance to move forward?
Wanting to start a big project but need some help getting started?

About Me

I started sewing at a very early age and like most country girls my first teachers were my Mother and Grandmother. I loved clothes but because we had no close shops I turned to sewing as a way of exploring this interest. My first formal sewing lessons were in high school but I was more focused on science and sewing was just a hobby for many years. I continued to sew for myself and family for quite a number of years but got frustrated with my stagnating skill set. I decided to do a formal sewing course to sharpen my skills and learn new techniques.
I completed a certificate II in Garment Construction at The Academy of Design on the Gold Coast. I have continued to add to my skill set with online courses and the use of my increasing sewing reference library.
You can see my work on the following platforms
Instagram @bycatdesign72

Etsy ByCatDesignByCatDesign

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Begining Again

Welcome back!

I decided that I should brush the dust off this old blog and see what I can do with it.

I've updated some of the information and added links to my Etsy store and my Facebook page.

I thought that rather than fill up my personal Facebook page with long posts I might throw my progress and random thoughts back on this site. I will also be able to link to it then you can read in more detail if you want to.

Feel free to check out my old posts, some are cute, most are long winded and boring. I am not blessed with the ability to tell stories. Though I do like to be reminded of my sewing history, it makes me happy to see what I have achieved.