Monday, 25 June 2007

Chocolate Mock Wrap Top

As it is winter here now, I have decided that I need some more long sleeve tops. I also thought I would have another go at making something out of jersey.

So after a bit of thought I hit on using New Look 6515 again. This time I wanted to try the cross over style. So I did a quick alteration to the upper bodice and this is what I came up with.

Front:Close up of bodice top and sleeve:
(that is just a piece of white fabric stuffed in the top for modesty, all always have to wear a cami under this one)


I still have to decide how I want the sleeves and the hem finished. I was thinking of putting a band on the sleeves and simply hemming the bottom.

I cut it as a size 16 and made it out of two jerseys from my stash. It has taken about 2 hours to put together. The banding around the neck is far from perfect, I was figuring out the construction techniques as I went along. I would also consider making the upper part in a smaller size, overlapping the front sections further and increasing the size around my hips.

Overall I think it is wearable and the concept has merit. I am considering making a version of this for my pregnant sister in law. I will make the front panel wider and longer and gather it under the bust as well for a more bump friendly shape. Just need to find the right fabric now.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Football Dress

Last night was "State of Origin" and my DH was taking me to the cricket club to watch the game. As I'm a Queenslander I needed to wear something maroon and I didn't want to wear a footy jersey over jeans. I had previously thought it would be cute to have a special dress to wear to sporting events but had never actually gone though with it, so this was the perfect opportunity.

I used my vintage vogue pattern v2903 with some modifications.
I just wanted a simple top so I pined the yoke pattern pieces to the bodice pattern and cut it as one to eliminate the complex shoulder design. I also did not pleat the skirt.

I wanted something I could easily make in a day. So I raced out and bought 5 metres of maroon and white 1 inch gingham and this is what I came up with.




Close up:

I also bought maroon embroidery thread and have ideas of machine embroidering little Q's over the dress in random places. I figure it's a dress I can wear to any of my home states sporting events.

And by the way, Queensland Won!!!!!

The cane toads ate the cockroaches!

Monday, 11 June 2007

Buying Boots inOz!

Time for another gripe.

I LOVE boots, but I have a slightly larger calf and apparently a slightly narrow ankle which makes finding boots that fit , look good and are comfortable some what of a challenging mission. Add to all of this my current place of residence is the Gold Coast and this limits my range even further (Who wears boots in a beach resort town?).

As I work overnight it gets just cool enough(during winter) to pull my boots out of the closet and wear them, it's too warm in the day.

I also like feminine shoes and I refuse to believe that comfortable shoes HAVE to be ugly. I recently saw a boot by Dr Martens which had a cute tapered heel and an elegant rounded toe which I feel in love with. The line is called Jenna, here it is in red.

They also do the same boot in an ankle boot and a Mary Jane style shoe. This is a good looking comfortable looking boot. But do you think I can find them in Oz!?! I finally found the Dr Martens shop in The Valley in Bris but they had sold the last pair in my size that morning and said they would not be able to order any more in. Damn! I really wanted black but I love this boot so much I would have bought the red. I also would have bought the ankle boot or the Mary Janes but they didn't have them and said they wouldn't be available until September or October.

So I have two options, take the risk that they fit and order online from the UK and pay a fortune in shipping or try very hard to be patient and wait until I get to the UK myself in August to try them and get them then.

I just have to keep telling myself "I can wait!".