Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Apron Madness Part 4

Matron's Pinny

This is another apron from the Enid Gilchrist book. It was called a "Matrons Pinny" I'm not sure why?

I have made this one out of very tiny red and white hounds tooth cotton with a flannelet finish to the inside. The collar and straps are red poly cotton.

I quite like the shape of this one too, good full coverage where you need it when you are doing dirty things and big pockets.
The ties are long enough to tie around at the front too.

I hope my family like them.

I now have to make one for a 10 year old not sure which style will be best for her.

Apron Madness Part 3

Fifties Fun

The aprons that follow are from patterns from the 40's & 50's. These patterns were from an eBay seller who had scanned a 1950's booklet about patterns and was selling pdf versions of them.

This is made from polka dot poly cotton with contrasting striped poly cotton. I modified the pattern to have a rounded collar .

The pockets have little buttons on them in the shape of strawberries.

I used the stripe fabric for the ties as well.

This one is made with the original square collar. I trimmed it with orange ribbon. The fabric is cotton printed with tropical flowers.
A back view, you can see the points at the back of the collar.

I wanted to make colourful and original aprons, unlike anything in the shops, I hope I've succeeded.

Apron Madness Part 2

Animal Aprons.

The apron story continues. This is a tunic style apron from the Enid Gilchrist book. I really like the shape of this one, a much shorter style but the ties are attached to the body inside tucks which give it a really cute shape. I also love the really big pockets on the front of this one.

Made from cotton drill with Dalmatian puppies and bones.
And a side view. The book suggest this could be worn as a top over a t-shirt, on a young person I think it could be a good look. I am tempted to try making one out of a fleece to give to my Grandma as a pop over to wear in the nursing home.

Another animal print cotton drill. This is a self drafted pattern based on an apron from a single yard of fabric from the 1920's. It is cut on the bias and the ties and pockets are made from the leftover fabric. I have tied this in front as it is a little large for my dummy.

Back view:
More to come!

Apron Madness!

Aprons for my family.

I have been looking at some really beautiful vintage apron patterns on line and have decided try making some as a stash busting exercise.
I have put together quite a few and have decided that as a way of giving my family members hand made goods I would give all the girls in my family an apron.

I will do this post in parts as there are quite a few to get through.

On ebay I got a little publication "Enid Gilchrist's : Pinnies 'n' Things" no publication date but probably from the early to mid 1970's.

This is a cross fronted apron made from printed cotton.
Pockets are a needed.

This was called a cover up apron. I liked the idea of the princess seam side panels and the pleating at the waist rather than gathers. I used a green binding for the edges. This is a heavy weave cotton.
I tried to match up the pocket as much as was possible.

I think what I will do is put all the aprons in one package and address it to everyone and they can chose the one they like the best.