Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Apron Madness Part 3

Fifties Fun

The aprons that follow are from patterns from the 40's & 50's. These patterns were from an eBay seller who had scanned a 1950's booklet about patterns and was selling pdf versions of them.

This is made from polka dot poly cotton with contrasting striped poly cotton. I modified the pattern to have a rounded collar .

The pockets have little buttons on them in the shape of strawberries.

I used the stripe fabric for the ties as well.

This one is made with the original square collar. I trimmed it with orange ribbon. The fabric is cotton printed with tropical flowers.
A back view, you can see the points at the back of the collar.

I wanted to make colourful and original aprons, unlike anything in the shops, I hope I've succeeded.

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none said...

apron madness is right! these are cute!
i need to make an apron for my grandmother... i was thinking maybe some amy butler fabric but i havent found a pattern i want ot use yet.