Sunday, 12 October 2008

Spotty Red Dress

I recently bought some spotty border print cotton fabric and wanted to make a cute summer dress using this fabric. I looked at lots of patterns and browsed through my stash of patterns and decided to do a bit of a mix and match design. I used the top part of a princess seam dress to make the top of the dress then used the 4 metre length of the border print gathered at the waist for the skirt. I used some left over as a sash.

This is the result.

Dress Front:

Dress Side:

Dress Back:


Vindi said...

I love this dress and colors! I saw a dress similiar to this one online that was $60+ (US). Thanks for sharing your projects with us. I do enjoy checking out all the things you make.

Smith Family Blog said...

I love the dress.... I see you use a manikin... what brand is it and how do you like it?