Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Better Late than Never.

Eight weeks ago I had another nephew born, so I needed to make another bear. As I had not started before the baby was born I asked if they had any requests. The only request was the bear had to have a growler.

I also decided it was time I tried making a fully jointed bear. This is the result. He is very large, standing at about 70cm (28 inches). He is made from a dark chocolate corduroy. He is quite fat, has a slightly sad face, a large hump on his back but is quite cuddly. He has kept me company on a long drive (about 900km round trip) out to see my sick Grandmother. I did the hand stitching to close his limbs while I was sitting in her hospital room. So I have grown rather attached to him. Just as well I haven't had to send him too far away to live.

He needed a classic Hawaiian Shirt as his wardrobe which meant I had to find an appropriate pattern and fabric, then match the pattern across the front opening of the shirt. It is not perfect but I had to accept that it was close enough and it would have to do.
Close up of his face, this was also a first attempt at using glass bear eyes instead of buttons.

Side back view with mood lighting:

I will have to try making a furry bear soon. My DH says I should sell them, but I don't think I'm that good at all.

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Tracy said...

He's very cute :)