Thursday, 10 May 2007

Buying Books in Australia

Why are books so expensive in Australia?

As you can see by my blog I enjoy sewing. Clothes, toys, handbags, soft furnishings I'll give it all a go at some point. I would also like to learn a little about hat making. How do I do this? Because I don't live in a capital city I have limited access to classes so most of the time I learn by reading books and accessing information online.

I have a major bone to pick with the book retailers (on line and traditional) in Australia. Why are non-fiction reference books so expensive in Australia? As they must be aware we can access web sites from around the world so can get a good idea of when books are published and how much they cost.

A recent example is "Sew U" by Wendy Mullin on Fishpond in Australia retail $58 (apparently the have 168 copies available). On Amazon (US site) US$17.15. Shipping to Australia for this one book is US$17 add currency conversion and the total price is $41.05. I save $16.95 if I order only one book from the US.

Another example is "Saturday Night Hat: Quick and easy hatmaking for the downtown Girl" by Eugenia Kim on Fishpond AU$44.99 (quantity available 215). On Amazon US$15.57 plus US$17 shipping and conversion AU$39.12, still a $5 saving.

If you order more than one book you save even more on shipping.
Why do these Australian companies think I would buy books from them?

My next rant goes against pattern companies. Why do they insist on releasing patterns at least 6 months after the northern hemisphere release date? I understand that there is an element of seasonal clothing in each range but I really don't mind getting the dress pattern for the dress I want to wear in summer in winter because it gives me time to find the fabric and make it. By the time I have done this it will be summer again anyway. There is also a selection of clothes which really are cross seasonal or special ranges which are released intermittently regardless of season which I am denied for at least 6 months.

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Jen said...

That is outrageous! I can't imagine why the books are so expensive there. Goodness.