Thursday, 4 October 2007

A Little Ancient History.

Well maybe not quite that long.

About 12 years ago I wanted a cape with a hood, not for any great reason other than I thought they looked really great and I wanted one.
I don't go to Ren Fairs or Cosplay or any such thing, maybe I would have if there were such things in inland Australia.

So I found a pattern I liked, Style 2377. Then spent a fortune on probably 6 or more metres of silk double velvet. That is beautiful heavy thick velvet made from pure silk. Then had to have a red lining.

Laid it all out on the floor of my little flat and got cutting and sewing. After I got the whole thing together I had to go see a local seamstress to have her measure and hem it for me. I chickened out at that point.

Than I had my cape. I have loved it ever since and I am really pleased that I spent and insane amount of money on the fabric because I think it looks as good today as the day I made it.


I close it with a Clan broach (which almost gets as many comments as the cape)


Pinned open so you can get an idea of how full it really is.

It is a piece of pure indulgence and I have had very few opportunities to wear such a beautiful garment. I has done service as a bed spread, a lounge throw and as a prop for my friends wedding. At the moment it is doing long service in my closet as I live on the Gold Coast and it never gets cold enough for something this heavy. (Maybe I'll have to have a costume party just so it can make a brief appearance.)

I just wanted to share this garment and say if you really love a piece spend the money on it from the beginning and you will get many many years to enjoy it.

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Lyraethe said...


It's really cool to see this pattern made up cos it's gorgeous!

Can you do me a huge favour if you still have the pattern packet and the instructions? I bought this pattern and have just started making it and have gotten stuck cos I've mislaid the packet and the instructions. Can you scan these for me?