Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Baby Blue Mens Shirt

"When are you going to make me something?"

My DH asked the other week after I had finished my last dress. So I figured I had better get my act together and make that shirt I had been procrastinating about.
I pulled out Simplicity 9469 which I had already traced off 6 months ago in anticipation of this project.
It is a size 46 with 17 inch neck band.

It is made from a pure cotton that is self striped, from memory it was a special at about $2 per metre.

I referred to David Coffin's book "Shirtmaking. Developing Skills for Fine Sewing" for some of the construction methods. I did not flat fell the seams but I did try stretching the collar to give it natural curve.

Unfortunately my machine had been a bit temperamental and was leaving odd little messes of thread intermittently on the under side, so some of the top stitching is not as neat as it could be. I think it needs a service!
Overall I am reasonably happy with the out come. I will make another shirt for him later now that I have my new machine.

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