Wednesday, 18 April 2007

My Birthday Present!

Many thanks to all who contributed to my Birthday Present Fund.

This is how the money was spent. I finally made my decision about which machine I wanted on Tuesday, but after I got it home there was no way I could leave it in the box until today. I was way too excited, I had a cup of tea read the users manual then go it out. It's much more advanced than I need right now but I hope I won't need to buy a new machine now for 10-20 years.
This is what was the biggest selling feature. It has a little foot which feeds the fabric from the top as well. I took a piece of nasty to sew but beautiful to wear knit fabric to test on it and it could do a nice neat seam across the stretch without nasty stretching and pulling of the seam. I was impressed and decided to get it despite the rather large price tag.
So far I love it and go back to the store for my first lessons today!

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