Sunday, 18 February 2007


Ultra fast lacy knickers.

Still on the stretch theme. I made these in about 40 minutes by copying a pair of knickers I really like.

I am really happy with the separate crotch piece, I think it should make them a little more comfortable.
A close up of the lace.

They were really easy to make as I used a stretch lace the width I wanted them to be, but at $7 per metre they are not really cheap. I will be making more though, maybe it's time I started to source fabric from abroad.


Karan said...

Hi Cat, your knickers look very professional especially with the seperate crotch piece : ) Kepp up the good work!


p.s I followed your link from Craftster, where I'm known as Zaftig Momma

Sarah said...

They are great! Well done!

(found your link through Craftster. I'm Pookledo on there)

Evie said...

AhhH! These are great! I followed your link from Craftster, and I think these are super fab! Rock on.