Thursday, 22 February 2007

Mock Wrap Dress Update

Some additional information about my new wrap dress.

I decided to wear my new dress out last night before it made it to the washing machine and before it got a hem.

Generally I liked the way it wore, it's very comfortable the fabric is soft and the skirt drapes nicely.

BUT: It really is a size too big, and the shoulders are too wide so they kept slipping off my shoulders and due to the crossover design at the back as well if I didn't catch my sleeve straight away I was in danger of a very major "wardrobe malfunction". In other words the bodice could end up wrapped neatly around my waist and I would be left showing everyone my entire bra not just the bra band!

I will modify this dress buy putting a strip across the back of the dress at the top of my shoulders to prevent any accidents. Then it will be an excellent "wearable muslin" to throw on when I feel like going to the shops or leaving the house for no particular reason.

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Lilly said...

You could try adding bra carriers to the insides of the shoulders. These are just fabric cord or chained thread attached to the garment at one side with snaps at the other which can be slipped under the bra strap. That would keep the shoulders in place and eliminate the need to alter the look of the dress back.