Thursday, 8 February 2007

Scary 80's Pattern to Great Linen Skirt

Great fit from Scary 80's Pattern.

While browsing in a second hand book shop in their craft books section was a collection of these "Make it Easy" Magazines with patterns from 1984. I got a stash of 13 folders of patterns each with at least 2 garments all for $6. All multisize patterns , all printed on paper not tissue.

It was fun going through looking at all that BIG 80's hair, the amazingly shapeless garments and the young girls trying to look at least 10 years older. But a nice change to not see glorified hooker gear.

In this envelope there was a pattern for a basic straight skirt, so I thought I'd give it a go.
I copied the pattern size 16 but added 12mm on each side seam as I thought it would be just a little too snug otherwise. It was very simple, centre front cut on fold, 2 back pieces and a simple rectangular waist band. I used a linen that I had in my stash.

This is the result. It fits so beautifully around my pot tummy and followed the curve of my back very well, I think I may have discovered my new favourite skirt. The fabric is a little stiff and a bit crumpled (but it is linen), but I think it will wear reasonably well. I top stitched down the seams and around the waist band and am quite happy with the result.

I know it may look a little mature but teamed with a cute top I think the fit will more than compensate for the older style. A really good work basic, looks great with sandals and possibly better with knee high boots. I just love the no gap above my bum, possibly because it has 2 darts gently shaping the back rather than a single dart.

It even has a walking pleat in the back seam. It really went together very quickly, the only slow part was I hand hemmed it. But I think it was worth it.



Baby Pop said...

Nice! And yes, that pattern is kinda scary looking, but it turned out wonderfully!

Sanja said...

Beautiful basic staple skirt. That will match (both in style and colour) almoast everyhting in a wardrobe.

Belovedgoddess said...

I had those patterns in the 80's and gave them away years ago. Recently I bought one that had pattern I liked from an op shop, your skirt has convinced me to go back for more. Great job!