Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Learning to Sew with Knits. Part 2

Mock Wrap Dress

Spotlight were having a sale on Butterick patterns the other day so I grabbed a couple, including this one:'b4788'&page=1

I also got some chocolate jersey with a cream floral print which was reduced to $5 per metre. So this was going to be an ideal learning project.
I didn't make any pattern modifications as I wanted to see how the fit would be. I made view A in a size 18.

I did make construction changes as I am still not happy with my edge finishing. So after multiple practice runs on scrap fabric and examining the jersey dresses in my wardrobe I decided to make a band to finish the edges. I also did this to the sleeves.


Side with elastic casing ruching detail:

Back: I had not originally noticed that the back was a wrap as well. My biggest problem with this was the potential it would be too low to cover my bra band, but it all worked out OK, though if I do this again I would prefer a normal back. I will also make longer sleeves, possibly as long as elbow length.
The side front without the ruching. I have tied a scrap of fabric around the waist and I think it gives the dress much more shape. I think I will have to make a tie out of the left over fabric. After looking at the fit if I make this dress again I will lengthen the bodice and possible make a size 16 as the shoulders are a little too wide and the sleeves are very loose.

I am starting to feel a little more confident with my knit sewing. I haven't tackled the hem yet, I think I will give it a run though the washing machine the let it hang and stretch first. I might have to tackle a few more knit projects in my next week off work.

Thanks for looking.

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Faith! said...

I was wondering about this pattern- thanks for the thorough review! Does this seem like something you'd wear? Were you satisfied with it as a garment and not just as a sewing project? Great job, it looks beautiful.

Cat said...

Thanks for the comment!
Yes I will wear it and I did last night before it got a wash or a hem.
I think I will edit the post to add some additional information.