Monday, 5 February 2007

Pink Cord Dress

A Pink Cord Dress for a Little Girl in the UK

This is a little jumper dress I've made for our friends baby. I saw some pink cord on sale at Spotlight and had recently bought some patterns for baby and children's clothes from my neighbour. So after looking through them nothing was quite right, so I used two patterns to make this one.

I decided to try doing an applique on the front, random shapes surrounded with variegated cotton satin stitch.

The back is a simple cross over with two buttons.

I used the variegated thread for the button holes too.

I hope it fits her. I thought it would look cute with a long sleeved body suit and leggings.

I wasn't sure if I should have done more decoration, but decided to keep it simple for now. It if fits and looks good I might make another and do more detail on the next one.

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DRivero said...

So cute, so very perfect!