Wednesday, 7 February 2007


What to wear under a skirt or dress to stop the thighs rubbing together.

I love skirts and a love to wear skirts in summer, but with large upper thighs there is an issue with chaffing. In summer I find it too hot to wear pantyhose or thigh control pants so when I saw this pattern for sale on ebay I thought it could be useful.
So from view 3 I made these:

They are made from a very light weight cotton voile with an elastic waist and cotton lace trim. They are much shorter than the pattern (they finish a little above my knees) as I have very stubby legs. I will probably make them again, at least once in a cotton lycra, for a more form fitting look and again in a soft cotton. When I make the cotton pair I will enlarge the thigh area and I may dart the waist in to a simple waist band with a button closure.


Sanja said...

What an awesome idea! I love wearing skirts, but am always afraid of them riding up too high. This is a good idea, because even if you see the "shorts" they look stylish and beautiful.

She Fights Like a Girl said...

I have full thighs myself and bicycle-short length unders are a necessity for skirts! I've made above-knee and ankle-length unders/leggings out of cotton/lycra and spandex dance material. Those are especially great because the spandex seems to have a natural coolness to it, along with the slipperiness. I should try the lace edging like you have there, too, it's very pretty.

jf maxwell said...

#2 is just the type of thing I've been looking for - a one piece (kind of 1920's - 30's style) would be even better. It doesn't seem like anybody makes that type of thing anymore, especially in larger sizes. Now that I know this pattern exists, it's on the top of my list.

I'm very new to sewing so I'm not sure what type of information is on the pattern envelope, but if there is anything that could help lead me to this pattern I'd greatly appreciate a reply about it. Maybe even a production date would be helpful.