Sunday, 18 February 2007

Learning to Sew with Knits.

A Singlet for Grandma

Quite a while ago, Mum asked if I could make some singlets for Grandma as the one's in the shop were generally too short. Rather hard to believe as she is 5' nothing. Anyway all the singlets mum could get seemed to finish about her waist and would always become untucked.

After a few attempts I had been very dissatisfied with my ability to sew knits. Constructing the garment on the over locker was a breeze but then it all went horribly wrong when I attempted to use my sewing machine to do the hems or necklines.

But I have decided that this week is my learn to sew with knits week. So I started with a singlet for Grandma.
I am satisfied with the result around the neck and arm holes. I think I understand the ideas a bit better now and should get better with practice. I will also try so other finishing techniques.

I am most happy with my hem. Finally I have had success with a twin needle! I think the problems previously were a combination of a non-stretch needle compounded with a too narrow gap and a very stretchy fabric.
The fabric in this project is a single cotton jersey, very soft but it was OK to work with. I just hope it fits her. I will have to get it in the post soon.

Well I have learned a few things, now for a few more projects with knits.

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